Of the liquid and we’re going to want to set this to a smooth value and that’s going to allow it to smoothly cacao nibs cover over these cookies so what I’m going to do is just click on that and we’re going to choose smooth now with the smooth conservation method we can probably reduce the quality swell for our testing and this will speedup how fast it’s going to simulate so I’m going to click in here we’re going to set this to about eight and we’re going to want tithe material transfer or convection to Bethe classic.

Method but under steps for frames so that we are going to get little bit better detail we’re going to set this to four so we can bring down the conservation and by doing that we’ll speed up and get a smoother result but what we may want to do is just up the steps per frame so that we don’t get any sort of errors now we can go back and simulate again I’ll show you start now you should be able to see the chocolate dripping down and having a nice curvature in the middle and once it hits the cookie it starts.

To bend and flow over it we’re getting some pretty nice curling which is important when you’re pouring a liquid like chocolate over cookie chocolate liquid and that’s something that we really want to see is this curling of the fluid the other thing that will be important is whether this is going to hoover and smooth out and actually cover the cookies so you can see here that weave some nice liquid coming down and dropping over the cookie we’re getting that nice curling that we need as it drops down and let me just go and turn on our mesh preview so we can take look at that so you can see that curling that happens but it’s a little bit.

Going on over here then we decide that we’re just going toking of leave our team behind because rethink they’re coming around this way welcome around the corner we see no one bassoon as you see this you should just immediately come back around because that means they didn’t actually come through this way they’re going around the other way now by the time we get back over here again Cree is already dead which is bad news because now we’re down a man we also now decide to charge him this is a bad charge anyway.

Because you are jumping into a solid six people right now one of them is Cream you can see see you and does a lot of damage the head shots and there’s a soldier does a lot of damaged does a lot of damage to you and your charge choosing to charge right into them we’re half dead before we even get there and we’re deciding to do this as a numbers disadvantage so this is bad charge in general but stacking with the fact we’re doing it under numbers disadvantage as well the only reason we don’t die immediately is because.

we get bubbled and now we’re just trying to limp away mercy does a good job of trying to get us out now we decide we’re going to come back in we just start walking at them swinging our hammer and they just shoot us because we’re doing exactly that what we should have been doing instead is just backing offsetting our shield recharge because it was really low and then we could just come up and start blocking damage for our team again and that’s usually a better spending of your time as Reinhard it’s you want to prioritize.

Blocking damage over doing damage now mercy has razzed us and Kenyatta so that means we get to start fighting again we almost have earth shatter so that’s nice we look over her ewe see Deva we just are going to try and charge baby.